Feedback to succeed in the new world of work

Loupe is a safe, science-backed self-awareness tool that turns feedback from colleagues & community into actionable data & insights.

Users Love Loupe

Feedback is essential for growth, but it is scary to ask for and a struggle to receive

Loupe takes the fear out of the feedback process

Askers in Charge

Askers - our feedback seekers - are empowered to decide when, what, and who to ask while being supported with emotional management tools along the way

Compelling Questions

Sets of qualitative questions that are proven to elicit meaningful insights

Integrated Training

Askers and Advisors receive training to request and provide high quality feedback

Privacy & Portability

100% private exchanges enable candid responses and high quality data that can be used to track progress throughout a career

AI Assisted

Leverages the latest technology to derive totally personalized insights from free-form, qualitative responses


of surveyed users say Loupe is

more manageable than getting feedback in person
Three co-workers brainstorming with post-it notes.

For Teams

Support development with a strong feedback culture.

Two people engaged in a lively video-conference.

For Coaches

Drive engagements with continuous feedback data.

Actionable Feedback, Radically Simplified

Four easy steps to get the feedback you need for the new world of work.


Decide what to get feedback on, when, and from whom


Build a custom survey from research backed questions and email relevant Advisors


Receive feedback data synthesized into key themes and/or in raw form


Set self-growth aligned goals with our Action Framework and re-orient to learn more with your next Loupe

Rooted in the latest psychology research and feedback best practices, Loupe has been developed with:

Brodie Riordan BW Square HQ
Brodie Riordan, PhD, PCC

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach; Professor, Georgetown University; Author, "Feedback Fundamentals and Evidence-Based Best Practices"

Woody Woodward Headshot BW Square HQ
Woody Woodward, PhD, PCC

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach; Professor and Program Lead, MS in Executive Coaching & Organizational Consulting at NYU; Author, "The YOU Plan"

Kim Corbitt
Kim Corbitt

Senior Vice President, People & Culture, Phoenix Suns; Certified Coach; Formerly CHRO of The Hillman Group; Winner of the 2022 Women in Sports and Events (WISE) Inspiring Sports Executive of the Year

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