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Development is a team effort

Loupe harnesses the perspective of the collective to unlock growth potential

“Self-awareness is the meta-skill of the 21st century.”

– Tasha Eurich

Lack of self-awareness causes today’s most costly workplace pain points

CEOs insulated from criticism result in bad decisions and irreparable, negative reputational impact

Biased feedback leads to inequitable growth opportunities and hurts businesses’ bottom lines

A dramatic rise in imposter syndrome stops people from pursuing attainable ambitions

Managers with lifelong blindspots spend their careers managing up while failing to nurture teams (AKA “the bad boss”)


  • 8.9%

    greater profitability

    from managers who got feedback on strengths

  • 30%

    decrease in turnover

    after implementing a feedback system

  • 72%

    improved performance

    was expected if their managers would provide corrective feedback

“The highest ROI retention vehicle ... [is] really robust, fluid, thoughtful feedback.”

– Scott Galloway

Ways to Loupe

3 Loupe types ensure a range of regularity and depth in the feedback process.

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Annual Cycle

Loupe adapts to the unique needs of each individual’s growth journey.

Typically, a Macro Loupe is done once or twice a year to gain big picture perspective. Topical Loupes can be deployed quarterly and Micro Loupes as often as every day.

Annual Cycle Infographic Showing multiple Micro Loupes per Topical and per Macro

Team Leaders Love Loupe

Team Pricing

Ready to elevate your feedback culture and provide employees with the data they need to reach their potential?

Your Loupe subscription includes:

  • Unlimited Loupe surveys (Macro, Topical, Micro), unlimited raw feedback reports, unlimited Advisors providing feedback

  • Training to inform and inspire meaningful feedback exchange

  • Synthesis Reports for Macro and Topical Loupes.

  • Soon to be released: aggregate data on team level strengths and development areas

per employee / month
3 month minimum
per employee / month
12 month contract

Synthesis Reports

Deepen each employee’s learnings with a report that organizes their data into key feedback themes to consider and action.

Available for Macro and Topical Loupes, with a recommended cadence of two or three times a year for each employee.

Volume pricing available | Inaugural pricing - subject to change